The Chef and Sommeliers

Marc Rouse

Marc Rouse is a Level II Court of Master Sommelier with over 22 years of experience in the food and wine business. Marc developed his culinary skills in the professional kitchen and has continued to hone his craft over the years. Restaurant Chef/Sommelier/Owner, he now runs a successful private catering business, The French 75 wine bar, Barra Pintxo pop-up restaurant, and The Crazy Wagon food truck -in the Vail Valley with clients from all over the world.


Josh Stevenson

Josh has twenty nine years of experience in the hospitality industry. While earning a bachelor’s degree at CU Boulder, he worked in the restaurant industry to fund his education. After graduating, Josh traveled extensively and found a love of learning about language, culture, food and drink.  After moving to the Vail area in 1999, he found that his passion for creative endeavors was well suited to the culinary excellence that is a trademark of our beautiful valley. Collaboration between front of house staff and back of house staff led to a fun and creative environment that allowed him to create new and unique cocktails while fostering his knowledge of the industry. Josh loves to meet new clientele, welcome newcomers, and create unforgettable experiences for his guests. He currently lives in Eagle with the most important things in his life: his two lovely children Owen and Stella.
His favorite activities are working out, looking at himself in the mirror and reading the instruction manual to his Bowflex. He is very active in the community (Tinder) and devotes much of his time to local causes because he has to do at least 48 hours of community service or he will go to jail. He is currently planning on starting to think about working on a book called “The Art of Procrastination” which will more than likely be published posthumously.